Our Mission

Our mission at Skin Amity is to provide amazing organic skincare, soul care and body care products produced using plant-based material. It is catered for those wanting to target daily skin concerns such as smoother texture, deep/surface level hydration, pigmentation and uneven tone.  

Skin Amity takes pride in sourcing for top of the line ingredients based on their purity, integrity, and lowest impact on the ecosystem while remaining plant based. We offer products FREE of sulphates, parabens, phalates, dyes, or artificial fragrances. Skin Amity is for all seeking radiance that can be used year round.

-Skin Amity


Meet Our Founder

Rene Harding - CEO and Founder of Skin Amity

Rene Jaidi Harding is the founder, product creator and designer of Skin Amity. For over a year now she has been home-testing ingredients, product trials, brainstorming ideas for packaging and making sure the quality of material used were met at the highest standards. With 3 years of experience under her belt, education and extensive research prior to the testing process, the brand focuses on mindfulness which is the core of what Skin Amity represents. While tying skincare and soul-care together, she strongly believes helping the body from the outside manifests great things on the inside. So, whether someone is simply looking for products to get that healthy, dewy, hydrated glow or just a bit of soul-care pampering, she continues to make it her mission to offer that and more with each application.